Ukrhydroenergo is a Ukrainian power-generating company that is dynamically developing and striving for leadership in the industry. Our success is based on our mission, vision, and values.

Our mission

We generate environmentally friendly energy in a modern and reliable way. We contribute to the energy stability and security of Ukraine and promote social, and economic development and competitiveness of the state.

UHE philosophy

Our vision

The strategic goal of the company is to provide the energy system of Ukraine with electricity and power reserve due to the hydro resources of the Dnipro and Dnister rivers. Ukrhydroenergo, using the hydropower potential of large HPPs and PSPPs, eliminates the deficit of UES of Ukraine in a flexible capacity, develops alternative and renewable sources of energy, and uses energy-efficient equipment, digital process management systems, modern materials, and construction technologies. The Company minimizes the negative impact on the environment by implementing compensatory environmental protection measures. In addition, the company provides social protection for employees and economic support for the regions of its activity.

Provide the energy system
Develop alternative sources of energy
Minimize the negative impact
Social protection for employees

Our values

• A person is the highest value of the company, on which the attitude towards each employee is built. For the company, a person’s dignity, health, well-being, motivational aspects, and safety are important. We support family values and teamwork in a modern, comfortable work environment. Accessibility and inclusiveness are an integral part of Ukrhydroenergo's culture and one of the ways how our values and goal are implemented.


• Responsibility: For Ukrhydroenergo, stable development and ensuring long-term success are based on a responsible attitude toward the direct and indirect impact on the economic, environmental, and social systems in which the company is integrated. Corporate responsibility demonstrates the Company's values and is manifested in the appropriate attitude to the services provided, to consumers, employees and partners, communities on the territory of which its structural subdivisions operate, and to the Shareholder, as the primary stakeholder. The company runs a business based on strong ethical principles, promoting economic development and improving Ukrainian society's life.


• Mutual understanding and respect: The effectiveness of the company's work depends on the level of mutual understanding between the company's management, top management, and all the employees, respect for each other, a vision for achieving common goals in the implementation of state programs for ensuring the country's energy security.


• Environment: Ukrhydroenergo is an environment-friendly company that implements modern environmental solutions in its activities and electricity generation. The company focuses on the application of leading scientific achievements when making decisions in the field of environmental protection and safety. We strive for energy efficiency and make every effort to develop the environmental awareness of our personnel and electricity consumers. HPPs and PSPPs being a part of the Ukrhydroenergo’s structure play an important role in the process of decarbonization of the national economy, which is the cornerstone of the energy strategy of Ukraine.


• Ukraine: Through our activities, we demonstrate the value of the Ukrainian state by ensuring its energy independence and security, sustainable economic development, and competitiveness. We are developing the hydropower industry in Ukraine by the modern trends of leading countries, in particular EU member states.