The company's supervisory board met with the staff of Kremenchuk HPP

admin July 27, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Valentyn Gvozdiy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and members of the Supervisory Board Natalia Mykolska, Vitaliy Kushnirov, Stephen Walsh, and Oleg Terletsky paid a working visit to Kremenchuk HPP in Svitlovodsk.


During the air alert in the bomb shelter, they met with the plant's employees. Attention was paid to the protection of workers and the plant and the restoration work after the damage caused by the Russian attacks.

"The main value of our company is people. Equipment can be repaired or purchased. A specialist in hydropower is the greatest value! People provide the results for the company. And the Supervisory Board ensures the strategic development of Ukrhydroenergo. And we are doing everything possible to ensure that the company has all the resources for recovery and development," emphasised Valentyn Gvozdiy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

In addition, the members of the Supervisory Board spoke in detail about the areas of their work. Nataliya Mykolska talked about the company's gender policy and worked with donors to implement international programs to help staff. "We are working on implementing programs for employees. This is a matter of women's empowerment and gender policy. The company should enable women to grow professionally. We are also working on forms of assistance for employees who work in difficult conditions," says Ms Mykolska.

Stephen Walsh noted the significant contribution of the company's employees to Ukraine's energy security. "You risk your lives to provide electricity for the country. You are as brave as the military on the front line. Our task as the Supervisory Board is to find money, people and time so that you can do your job. And for everyone in the company to have a job. I work a lot with congressmen to convince them to support Ukraine. We are proud of you, and together we will succeed.

" Vitaliy Kushnirov noted the growing support of the company from international partners. "Behind every dry news about the uninterrupted operation of our energy system, the resumption of power supply, and every kilowatt-hour produced, there are hundreds and thousands of employees of energy companies. The contribution of the Kremenchuk HPP team to the country's energy supply and the company's performance is invaluable. For its part, the Supervisory Board and the company's management are making every effort to provide the necessary financial resources and international support for the company's restoration and development projects. Negotiations are ongoing with foreign companies that manufacture the necessary equipment. This is not a quick process, but it is underway, and international financial organisations support us.

"Oleg Terletsky noted, "The company is doing a lot to integrate into the European energy grid. And there is still a lot to do. In the long run, we have to revise our strategy to increase the resilience of Ukraine's grids. These are the ways to develop for the future. But it is also relevant for the next autumn and winter period."

Sergiy Yaremenko, Director of Kremenchuk HPP, briefed the Supervisory Board members on the consequences of the damage caused by missile attacks and the work to repair the damage. Considerable attention was paid to plant operation changes due to the russian attacks.