Designer Oksana Karavanska: in life, it is important to do what you are passionate about

admin August 31, 2023
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"Even the most successful women have had to pause at some point in their careers, lose momentum, and step out of the creative flow due to pregnancy, childbirth, the need to care for children, family issues, and other situations that specifically affect a woman's life and destiny. When it comes to raising children, Oksana adheres to a guiding principle: not to interfere or offer advice, especially when it's not solicited. This approach grants the freedom to choose one's own path, and she supports and respects the personal choices and accomplishments.


Designer Oksana Karavanska: in life, it is important to do what you are passionate about

However, not only personal circumstances influenced Oksana Karavanska's professional journey. The full-scale war and the intensely poignant experiences during the initial months seemed to have cast a shadow over the fashion industry. Nevertheless, as time passed, in order to provide work for her team, creative activity began to resurface and gradually yielded results in the form of an unplanned yet fully realized collection. Recognizing that 'clothes should not just hang on hangers; they should be worn,' the decision was made to unveil the new collection of the Oksana Karavanska brand, 'Embroidery-Couture of the Third Millennium,' in the mirrored hall of the Lviv Opera in January 2023.

'The muses cannot remain silent during times of war,' she remarks, emphasizing that 'life itself inspires the finest living!'

Concluding the gathering, when asked about how to inspire and foster affection for one's business, the designer replied: 'You can only ignite passion for any endeavor through your own example—by continually working on yourself, broadening your horizons, and persistently learning.'

Oksana Karavanska's story is both inspiring and captivating. However, it also underscores that success isn't an arbitrary occurrence. It isn't synonymous with luck, as it is preceded by a passion for one's work, innovative ideas, ongoing self-improvement, and at times, sleepless nights. Yet, it is unquestionably worth the effort!"