Ukrhydroenergo delegation holds high-level meetings in Japan to strengthen disaster resilience and energy resilience

admin July 24, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

From July 8 to 14, a Ukrainian delegation paid an official visit to Japan as part of a strategic initiative to enhance the resilience of Ukraine's electricity transmission infrastructure.

Ukrhydroenergo delegation holds high-level meetings in Japan to strengthen disaster resilience and energy resilience

This trip is a crucial element of the capacity-building activities supported by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) and aims to learn from Japan's experience in managing disasters and climate risks in the energy sector.

The delegation, headed by Valentyn Gvozdiy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, included Vitaliy Kushnirov, a member of the Supervisory Board, and Andriy Lets, Head of the Technical Support Department for Innovative Projects at Ukrhydroenergo.

"This visit marks an important milestone in our efforts to modernise our infrastructure, learn from Japan's rich experience in reducing disaster risks and increase the resilience of our electricity transmission facilities," said Valentyn Gvozdiy. - "We are confident that this cooperation will enhance the capabilities of our energy sector to withstand future natural disasters and minimise disruptions to our society.
Ukraine's energy sector often suffers from extreme weather events, including floods, which affect hydroelectric power plants, which account for a significant share of the country's electricity production. The ongoing Russian invasion has further exacerbated the country's energy problems, significantly damaging energy facilities and causing widespread power outages.

"Japan is a world leader in disaster management and energy resilience," said Vitaliy Kushnirov. - "Based on the knowledge and experience gained from Japan's best practices, we can effectively respond to the various challenges faced by our energy sector.

During the visit, Ukrhydroenergo's delegation met with representatives of crucial energy agencies, including the Ministry of Finance, the Natural Resources and Energy Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Kansai Transmission and Distribution, Inc (Kansai T&D). Ukrainian experts also visited such essential facilities as the central control centre, underground substation and Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R).

"The information gained during this visit will help us determine our approach to enhancing the resilience of Ukraine's energy sector so that we can recover faster from disasters and fulfil our commitment to decarbonising the economy," said Andriy Lets.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to restore and develop Ukraine's energy sector. Over the next ten years, approximately USD 45.3 billion will be invested in rebuilding Ukraine's energy supply using a "build back better" approach, which aligns with the European energy strategy and the transition to a decarbonised economy. > Vitaliy Mukhin: The Ukrainian delegation from Ukrhydroenergo visited the Republic of Korea to discuss prospects for cooperation in the energy sector.

From July 5 to 7, the delegation of Ukrhydroenergo, headed by Chairman of the Supervisory Board Valentyn Hvozdiy, Supervisory Board member Vitaliy Kushnirov and Head of the Technical Support Department for Innovative Projects of Ukrhydroenergo Andriy, Lets, met with representatives of Korean business and government.

The World Bank organised the visit of the Ukrainian delegation with the support of The Korea Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF).

The purpose of the visit was to help overcome the devastation in the Ukrainian energy sector caused by Russian aggression and to seek opportunities for additional cooperation in energy development and infrastructure reconstruction. The Ukrainian delegation held several meetings with important government agencies and private companies in Korea.

"This visit is of great importance for Ukraine," said Valentyn Hvozdiy, "We held productive talks with our Korean colleagues that can lead to concrete results that will help us in the reconstruction and modernization of our company."

The cooperation between Ukrhydroenergo and the Korean energy sector should play an essential role in the restoration and development of the Ukrainian energy system, especially in actively implementing energy storage technologies and solving the problem of power system flexibility.

During the meetings, potential ways of partnership were discussed, including the supply of high-voltage transformers and switches, which are essential for the restoration of power plants.

The Korean side also allowed Ukrhydroenergo's representatives to inspect modern energy facilities, including those built underground and protected from military attacks.

Vitaliy Kushnirov noted: "Cooperation with our Korean partners is an important step in stabilising our power system and restoring its normal functioning after the destruction caused by the war."

Ukrhydroenergo expresses its profound gratitude to the government and industrial sector of the Republic of Korea for their active position and willingness to cooperate to restore and develop the Ukrainian energy sector.

"This partnership will positively impact the future of Ukraine's energy sector," said Andriy Lets. "We are grateful to our Korean colleagues for their assistance in finding the best technologies and solutions for our company."

At the end of the visit, the Ukrhydroenergo delegation expressed confidence in the positive prospects of cooperation with Korean partners and faith in the speedy restoration and modernisation of Ukraine's energy system.