Denys Shmyhal: “The work of hydropower engineers is extremely important”

admin September 08, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

As part of a visit to one of the Company's stations, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, met with the Ukrhydroenergo team to discuss preparation for the autumn-winter period in conditions of armed aggression and constant shelling of critical infrastructure facilities.

Denys Shmyhal: “The work of hydropower engineers is extremely important”

During the meeting, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of uninterrupted energy supply for the national security and economic development of Ukraine. He also thanked the hydropower workers for their conscientious work and readiness to face energy challenges, acknowledging their significant contribution to strengthening the energy system of Ukraine in difficult times.

"I express my great gratitude and respect for your significant work. You are the ones who fulfill an important mission in ensuring the stability of the country's energy system during emergencies and crises. We have many challenges ahead, but together we will overcome them with dignity," the Prime Minister said.


Mr. Valentyn Gvozdiy, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, noted that the joint work of the Company and the Government will contribute to the sustainable development of hydropower in Ukraine and the fastest strengthening of national energy security.

“Thank you for your visit and the attention the Government pays to the hydroenergy sector. I believe the key to success in any business, especially as strategically important as ours, is the coordinated interaction of all its participants. As a shareholder, the State of Ukraine, through the Government, has its interests and responsibilities to its citizens. Our task as the Supervisory Board is to ensure that the shareholder's interests are implemented in the company's strategy and activities most effectively. The executive body is responsible for implementing this strategy in practice. Only through collective efforts, mutual understanding, and effective collaboration can we achieve maximum results and ensure the stability and reliability of Ukraine's energy system.," Mr. Valentyn Gvozdiy said.


Mr. Ihor Syrota, Director General of Ukrhydroenergo, thanked the Prime Minister for his support to the industry and noted that the Company will continue to fulfill its obligations, acting as a conscientious taxpayer and implementing important social initiatives.

“Despite the difficult times for the country and the Company, we generate profit, acting as a reliable partner in filling the state budget. Today, I would like to share with you plans that hold great significance for us as citizens of Ukraine. We are initiating a program to hire disabled war veterans at Ukrhydroenergo. This initiative comes from our strong belief in the importance of supporting and expressing gratitude to the defenders who gave their health on the battlefield. Veterans are individuals with significant experience, high discipline, and an ability to make important decisions in challenging situations. Their skills and experience can lead to significant improvements in our Company. We hope that this initiative will become part of a larger movement in Ukraine where veterans will receive support and opportunities to improve their lives after returning from the front lines,” Mr. Ihor Syrota said.