Antony Blinken and Denis Shmyhal inspected the preparations for the autumn-winter season at one of the power plants of our company

admin September 08, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal visited one of the facilities of Ukrhydroenergo where they checked the progress of preparations for the heating season and protection of critical infrastructure facilities.

Antony Blinken and Denis Shmyhal inspected the preparations for the autumn-winter season at one of the power plants of our company

The visitors had the opportunity to become familiar with the scale and nature of the destruction in the hydropower industry caused by russian military aggression. They also visited the control room, the indoor switchgear and the turbine hall of one of the company's hydro power plants, where they checked the condition of the equipment and its ability to work steadily during the cold season.

“You are heroes about whom songs have not yet been written. I admire your ability to resist the enemy and work actively at the same time. I am convinced that this visit will be an important event in the framework of the strategic partnership between the United States of America and Ukraine and will lead to an additional development of cooperation between our two countries”, conveyed Antony Blinken.

In turn, Denys Shmyhal emphasized the need to protect energy facilities as one of the key tasks for all responsible agencies on the eve of the autumn-winter period.

“It is also important to develop the power system using renewable energy sources. We discussed with the Secretary the possibility of cooperation with American companies. We presented concrete projects for investment and joint implementation. We are working on the restoration and development of power plants affected by russian shelling. We are preparing together for a difficult winter period”, said the Prime Minister.

Director General of Ukrhydroenergo, Ihor Syrota, expressed the appreciation of the support provided by the United States in the restoration of critical infrastructure facilities and the willingness to work together on the reconstruction and development of Ukrainian hydropower sector, given its strategic importance.

“We believe in the potential of hydropower and its role in ensuring a sustainable and ecologically clean energy supply. Cooperation with American companies in this direction can become a key factor in the reconstruction and development of the sector. We see opportunities for joint projects in restoring damaged capacities, improving technology and increasing the efficiency of the existing facilities. Ukrhydroenergo is open to partnership and exchange of experience”, Ihor Syrota mentioned.


Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Photo: CMU