Ihor Syrota: There is no threat of a dam break at Dnipro HPP

admin March 22, 2024
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

CEO of Ukrhydroenergo said this on the air of Radio Svoboda.


Direct speech:

◼ There was a missile attack on the Dnipro HPP this morning, March 22. Both stations and the dam are currently damaged.

◼ Two rockets hit the Dnipro HPP-2 directly. The missiles hit the pillar. Crane beams are broken.

◼ Both stations are currently out of operation.

◼ No casualties among Dnipro HPP employees.

◼ Currently, the plant is taking all measures to raise the gates and allow water to flow downstream.

◼ Ukrhydroenergo can give a final assessment when the fire is extinguished. The consequences will be calculated during the day.

◼ I hope that the world will react to the attacks that are once again taking place on Ukraine's critical infrastructure.

The world's insufficient response to the destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station provoked the enemy to see no significant consequences for itself. That is why Russia continues to attack Ukrainian hydroelectric facilities.

This is a great danger that could lead to an environmental disaster.