Nadiya Omelchenko: The key to success lies in continuous movement and developing all areas of interest

admin August 25, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

During a motivational meeting focused on personal branding, reputation, leadership skills, and the art of negotiations, discussions revolved around personal productivity, motivation, and gender equality. The speaker of the event was Nadiya Omelchenko, the Vice President of a prominent Ukrainian IT company, founder of "Militech" company, co-founder of the NGO "Educational Initiatives Fund", co-founder of "Lysa Hora" and "Khmilna Muza" bars, instructor at the "MIM-Kyiv" business school, mentor of the "Girls STEM" initiative, lecturer of the "Entrepreneurship for Students" course on the "Diia. Digital Education" platform, and a volunteer.

Nadiya Omelchenko

In a casual conversation, Nadiya shared how she harmoniously combines different spheres of her professional activity. She noted that while these directions might seem diverse, they complement each other. She highlighted her journey from the Soviet Union through the turbulent 90s to today, emphasising the importance of continuous movement and development.

The survival strategy has transformed into a growth and quest for the new.
Nadiya focused on the role of women in the IT sphere and discussed overcoming stereotypes. She addressed the "Tiara Syndrome" concept, where women often downplay their achievements if everyone already knows about them. She encouraged women to support each other, step out of their comfort zones, and express themselves. Among other topics discussed was the use of stereotypes.

She shared her insights into the art of negotiations in a separate segment. She emphasised that negotiations are an opportunity to showcase skills, confidence, and potential. She recommended preparing for meetings to feel confident and always looking ahead.

Nadiya also discussed motivation as a crucial aspect of achieving success. She identified stimulus, need, motive, and the search for satisfaction as key elements of the motivation process. She underscored that simple methods of motivation include a daily smile to colleagues and showing respect.

Participants posed numerous questions to Nadia, including how she copes with stress and prolonged exhaustion. She shared that everyone should find their own way to recharge from work and household responsibilities. For Nadia, it's ballet and playing the drums.

Concluding the event, the moderator, Yulia Tolchynina-Burunska, announced the upcoming online seminar as part of the gender equality month at Ukrhydroenergo on the topic of "Male Allies in Achieving Gender Equality in the Workplace".

Nadiya Omelchenko