Oleg Terletsky: Ukrhydroenergo is developing and doing everything possible to ensure the reliable operation

admin October 27, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Ukrhydroenergo is actively conducting preparatory work for the upcoming autumn-winter period and ensuring the reliability of the system operator to provide a stable electricity supply to consumers. 

It was stated by Oleg Terletsky, a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrhydroenergo, during the 8th Ukrainian Gas Forum "New Energy Architecture of the World and Green Transition" on a panel discussion on the topic of "Restoring the Ukrainian energy infrastructure."

"We have a peculiarity - we use equipment that is individually designed and manufactured for us. It has a long production cycle. Accordingly, it is sometimes challenging for us to replace or modernize this equipment, and we are doing this in every possible way, including lobbying to accelerate such work. We are on the final stretch of preparing for the winter. The company is developing and doing everything possible to ensure the reliability of our equipment. We are a reliable support that allows the system operator to maintain our energy system stable and ensure its uninterrupted and reliable operation.

Today, we continue to operate all our stations except for the Kakhovka HPP, which the Russians blew up on June 6th. This tragedy did not leave anyone in the civilized world indifferent," emphasized Oleg Terletsky.

Ukrhydroenergo strives to maximize the use of the hydroelectric potential of the Dnipro and Dniester rivers. The destruction of the hydro facilities of the Kakhovka HPP has led to a loss of drinking water equivalent to the annual consumption of fresh water in Ukraine.

Immediately after the liberation of the left bank of Kherson, the company plans to begin the installation of temporary hydrotechnical structures, which will allow the accumulation of water in the Kahovka reservoir and gain access to the destroyed Kakhovka HPP.

After investigation and thorough technical examinations to determine the extent of the damage to the facilities, the company will decide to restore the station.

The company is also continuing to work on long-term projects to modernize and increase the productivity of existing equipment, including the construction of the third stage of the Dniester PSPP and energy storage systems that will help provide additional mobility and flexibility. Preparation for a pilot project on green hydrogen production is ongoing.