Energy security on the agenda in Davos: the experience of Ukrhydroenergo

admin January 17, 2024
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Energy security is an essential component of the global security strategy and has come to the forefront in the context of ensuring stability in Europe and around the world. Ukraine, facing challenges from a military conflict, not only demonstrates resilience but also develops innovative strategies to strengthen energy security, which can serve as an example for other regions. On the path to energy independence, Ukraine and the European Union are making confident strides in reducing dependence on Russian energy resources.

This was stated at the Economic Forum in Davos, during a speech at the "Impact of Energy on the Landscape of International Security" panel in the Greek House, by the chairman of the supervisory board of Ukrhydroenergo, Valentyn Hvozdiy.

Among other participants in the discussion were Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis, former Minister of Defense of Greece, Dorian Daka, Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania, Kurt Volker, former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, and Riccardo Lambiris, CEO of Athens International Airport.

The focus was on the future of the energy sector and its impact on global security, with an emphasis on the importance of this area for the stability of countries. Despite military actions, the Ukrainian energy sector shows impressive dedication and resilience. Ukrhydroenergo, a model in this field, has done tremendous work, restoring infrastructure after more than 50 missiles hits.

"The company has become a true symbol of indomitability, demonstrating that Ukraine's energy not only withstands the test of war but also ensures reliability and stability for the entire country. Restoring energy infrastructure in wartime is a unique experience that can be useful for other countries facing similar challenges. Our knowledge and innovative approaches to adapting energy systems in crisis conditions make a valuable contribution to the global energy discussion and help create more resilient and secure energy systems," - emphasized Mr. Hvozdiy.

The energy sector in Ukraine, after the military sphere, has become key in supporting the country's functioning. The restoration of physical infrastructure goes hand in hand with the development of new approaches to managing energy networks. One innovation is the transition to cellular networks, which helps avoid complete disconnection from electricity supply in case of enemy attacks, marking an important step towards strengthening energy security. This experience of Ukraine in restoring and modernizing energy systems in wartime not only ensures stability for its own country but can also serve as an example for other states seeking to increase their energy independence and security.