admin December 06, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Dear Ukrainians, colleagues, and partners,

At Ukrhydroenergo, we are strive for complete transparency and understanding of our actions. The recently announced procurement of consulting services on gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity has raised concerns in society, and we recognize the need to communicate the situation and our next steps.

Our main goals involve electricity production for Ukrainians and balancing the energy system. Our nearly four-thousand-member team works diligently every day to ensure the core tasks of Ukrhydroenergo. Additionally, we are focused on maintaining and upgrading our equipment, ensure the challenging heating season.

At the same time, we are improving our internal processes by integrating war veterans and people with disabilities into our work processes. This year alone, our direct support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has exceeded 200 million hryvnias. Concerning our returning warriors, we are one the
 first companies in Ukraine to support the state initiative to create employment conditions for veterans. We understand the importance of supporting and integrating those in need right now.

From the other hand, acknowledging the male predominance in the energy sector, we are actively enhance the integration of women, especially in wartime conditions, aiming to create a more balanced working atmosphere.

We are widely collaborate with international organizations and business partners, where gender balance, diversity, and inclusion are essential requirements of international institutions providing funding, especially in the post-war recovery context.

Our commitment in ensuring energy security and stability in the country is unwavering. Our strategy is based on state programs and approaches, and it aligns with implementing the "Lugano Principles" - the guiding principles of Ukraine's recovery process.

But we understand that even the formulation of these concepts may be perceived ambiguously by the public.

We strive to comprehend each position, seeking harmony between immediate recovery needs and long-term plans. As a public and responsible company, we are open to dialogue with everyone, remaining sensitive to public opinion. Our goal is to preserve society's trust, so we inform you that the decision has been made to cancel this procurement.

At the same time, we will continue to develop our support programs and communicate our plans. In this context, we will concentrate on seeking grants from international partners for the project's implementation, exploring other opportunities to reduce the financial burden on the company and achieve our strategic goals.

Ukrhydroenergo Team



December 06, 2023