Ukrhydroenergo continues to work on new projects

admin November 15, 2023
Press service of Ukrhydroenergo

Ukrhydroenergo continues to work on new projects, developing innovative approaches to ensure Ukrainians have access to electricity despite ongoing attacks on the energy infrastructure by Russia. This effort runs concurrently with the implementation of restoration projects, the construction of protective structures, and preparation for the autumn-winter period, which the company is already completing.

"Ukrhydroenergo remains committed to modernization and equipment protection in the face of terrorist threats from Russia. Despite the challenges of the state of war, we are working towards the future. Upon completing all planned projects, we aim to add 3.2 GW to enhance our capacity in generating clean energy for Ukraine and potentially for EU countries," noted Oleg Terletskyi, a member of Ukrhydroenergo's Supervisory Board, during the panel on "Sustainable Energy Restoration: Smart and Green Energy Solutions" at the international conference "Energy for Ukraine's Renewal" in Warsaw on November 14-15.

Additionally, productive meetings took place during the conference with representatives from companies such as GE Vernova and Hyundai, where the development and prospects of Ukrhydroenergo's new projects were discussed.